Publication History


“Free: Poison Apple, Gently Used”  Fiction Southeast  (Flash Fiction)


“Banana Bread”  Bridge: Literary Journal  (Short Story)

“Sold: Yellow House on Cooper Hill”  The Write Launch  (Short Story)


The Painting in Gallery 26”  Brainchild Literary & Arts Magazine  (Short Story)

“Maria”  The Mill  (Flash Fiction)

“Cheerios”  The Mill  (Flash Fiction)

“The Dryer Doesn’t Eat Socks”  The Mill  (Short Story)

Two Years Later: Reflecting on Seminar in Europe 2014”  BW Study Abroad Blog  (Blog)


“Lamp Post”  The Mill  (Poetry)

“17 Miles per Hour: North by Northwest”  The Mill  (Poetry)

Additional samples of work can be provided upon request; visit the contact page for more information.