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The following link was published on Baldwin Wallace University’s Study Abroad blog.

“Two Years Later: Reflecting on Seminar in Europe 2014”

This blog is a personal account and reflection of the author’s study abroad experiences.

Below are three selected links to posts from the Simple Solutions blog. These were authored by Sydney M. Crago with the authorization and approval of the Simple Solutions editorial and writing departments. They are the content  and property of Simple Solutions.

“Exploring How Poetry Works”

This blog is intended to be used by teachers in grades 5-8 to instruct on the elements of poetry and allow them to work with a contemporary poem. This blog also features a PowerPoint presentation and two interactive poetry worksheets for teachers to use in their classroom.

“Your Presidential Timeline Activity”

This blog is intended to help teachers tackle timelines. It is ideal for elementary social studies classes who are studying American history or as a Presidents’ Day activity. Included in this blog are interactive worksheets, printable timelines, and a PowerPoint presentation.

“New Year, New Blog, New Building”

This blog was written to announce the launch of the redesigned Simple Solutions blog, as well as the company’s move to a new building. It gives helpful hints for using the blog site to help its visitors navigate the features.

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